Elite Electronic produces a range of cameras, ensuring there is one suitable for every budget. Our range runs from state-of-the-art HD cameras with 3 megapixel sensors, optical zoom, and pan and tilt functions, through to our great value D1 advanced series range.

When connected to a DVR Security Systems all of our cameras can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, tablet or desktop. Allowing you to check in on your home security cameras or monitor staff at work wherever you are. Many of our security systems can also be set to be motion activated, recording footage when motion triggers them. We also have a range of outdoor and WiFi enabled systems

Security Cameras

Specializing in developing advanced indoor and weatherproof outdoor security cameras, designed in both dome and bullet camera models.  wired security cameras are custom built with many great features that give you constant peace of mind knowing that your home or business is safe and protected.

This DVR security kit features P2P cloud function, plug and play use, supporting android/iOS devices remote view and multi-channel playback. It is also with functions of motion detection and IR-CUT night vision, which is widely used at home, shopmarket, office and other surveillance needed places.

*Multi-channel view and multi-channel playback.
*P2P cloud function, peer to peer connection, no need port mapping.
*H.264 video compression, higher definition image and lower bit rate.
*Android/iOS mobile devices remote view anywhere anytime.
*IR-CUT double filter. Auto switch between day and night, restoring clear true color.
*24pcs high-intensity IR LEDs for good day and night vision.
*Dual-stream encoding. Main stream for local view, presenting high quality image; Sub stream for online remote view, overcome limitation of bandwidth.
*Motion detection recording and email alert. The camera will be triggered to record when detect something moving and send notification to your emails. NO trigger, no record, more intelligent and space-saving.
*Multiple ways to access on the PC, phone and pad, can be viewed by PC client, Phone APP and IE browser.